Monday, January 31, 2011

More Photos & Videos!

Hi from "Curly!" These are pictures of us playing outside today.


"Little Guy"

Curly, Ollie, Little Guy



Jazz goes for the stair plunge while Curly watches

"Little Guy"

The videos show play time inside at 6 weeks and outdoors at 5 weeks. Notice how many household items can be used for playtime. If you use socks that don't have a match, then just realize all other socks need to be kept out of reach. You can use clean cloths. You can use a strong plastic bottle or make your own twisty ropes with strips of cloth (tying knots 2x in the middle and at the ends). Some people even allow cardboard or strong pieces of paper. We are always wanting to substitute play items so that puppy will not chew on our fingers, jeans, shoes or feet.
We never allow puppy to be near our shoes although watch out underfoot because puppy follows close by when we walk! :)


Hi from the puppies! Videos 1-5 are yesterday, 1/30/11. Videos six and seven are on 1/22/11 at five weeks old.

The First Video is of all 5 of us pups playing around. Jazz leaves the scene to play with Sandy. Trina laughed when Coco and Ollie were tugging on the rope and Curly was in the middle. Then she thought it was funny with "Little Guy" was playing around and then when Coco went after him. She said, "Woah!" The Video ends with Jazz playing with Sandy and then like mother like daughter.

The Second Video features "Little Guy" playing with the tail. All of us puppies love each others' tail!

The Third Video features all of us playing. Sandy plays with us kiddos, and she teaches us manners at the same time. Sometimes we like that, sometimes we don't. The Video also displays another household item that we love, large, puffy, hair things!

The Fourth Video especially features Ollie, Little Guy and Curly. It displays how we love to play with Daisey. She tolerates us most of the time, but will let us know if we have gone too far. It also shows Coco & Jazz in Trina's lap and eventually the rest of us will join her as we wind down.

The Fifth Video shows us slowing down and features Jazz, Coco, Curly and Ollie.
The Sixth Video shows us playing outside for the first time at five weeks.
The Seventh Video is "Little Guy" giving Kent some puppy love and more of outdoor time.

Love, the Puppies

P.S. We have three individual videos now posted at Curly's, Coco's and Jazz's individual posts.

More videos to come!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

6 Weeks Old Today

Coco, Curly (Apricot Male), Little Guy (Cream Male) and Ollie

Greetings from the puppies! We greet our human parents like this when they get home or come back to get us for play time. We all want to come out and play.

This week we have been eating K9 Natural Lamb Food, 3x a day and still snacking on Sandy. We will be primarily on our puppy food this week along with a daily snack from Sandy, up to 7 weeks. Trina is setting up our puppy schedule and will be posting it this week!
We have started our potty training process. We enjoy being outside, even when it rains. We have picked up the process very fast and only have accidents in the living room on occasion.
We are a very social bunch and we also love to cuddle.
Love, the puppies.

Ollie, Little Guy, Jazz, Coco

This is another photo after we have finished eating. We have some K9 Natural food left on our faces.
We also easily ate some dry puppy food this week.


"Little Guy" (above and below)

We finished eating, can we come out and play?

Little Guy (above)

Ollie (below)

Eventually, we all get tired out and try to make a puppy pile in Trina's lap, one on top of the other. She then moves us to the carpet. Eventually we go back to our puppy bed.

Apricot Male and Jazz are in the back. Ollie, Coco and Little Guy are in the front.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We are Five Weeks Old Today!

Cream Male

Cream Female

Apricot Male

Apricot Female

Apricot Female, Apricot Male and Medium Cream Male

It has been a busy week for us. We finish our visits today which have been loads of fun and confusing for some because we are all so amazing! :)
We went outside for the first time yesterday and no one shook or trembled which means we are ready for the outdoor potty training process. We did spend some time in Kent's lap initially and then we explored the area under careful supervision.
We will be fully immersed in the crate training process by next Friday or Saturday since Sandy will be weening us until 6 weeks. We will have trips outside to go potty this entire week. You will receive a copy of our projected schedule at 6 weeks and then an updated version at 8 weeks. We will have Trina on a 3 or 4 am potty break.
We have fully developed into our puppy explosion mode of fun-loving playfulness. As soon as Kent & Trina come into the room (unless we have just had play time) we run to greet them and make loud noises to come out of our contained play area and socialize.
Love, the puppies
Apricot Female, Cream Female, Apricot Male, Cream Male

Apricot Male and Cream Female

Medium Cream Male

Medium Cream Male and Apricot Male

Apricot Female Playing

Cream Male

Cream Female

Sandy is tuckered out after playing with us pups. She is great at rolling around with us and keeping us in line. We are all tuckered out. See below.

Medium Cream Male

Apricot Female, Above and Below

We are ready to sleep in our puppy pile.

Apricot Female, Cream Male, Medium Cream Male, Cream Female. Can you find the Apricot Male?

Kent and Trina will be sending a "What's Next" email today in preparation for pick-up time. Puppy videos will be uploaded sometime this week. We'll surprise you. Have a great week!

Love, the puppies.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We are looking forward to this week's visits!

Greetings from the puppies! We are so looking forward to our upcoming people visits! We now run out to greet our owners and all want attention at the same time. There is not a shy pup in the bunch although we have varying levels of energy. After you pick your pup, you may socialize with all of us if you would like.

Love, the puppies

We are very tired after playing in the living room.

Sandy now feeds us sitting up and standing.
We are teething and are starting to have sharp teeth!

Monday, January 17, 2011

K9 Natural Food

Mud Bay who is always researching dog food recently got me hooked on K9 Natural Raw dog food because it is a convenient way for me to give my dogs a quality diet. It is Natural Raw Freeze Dried dog food and maintains all its nutrients because it is not processed or cooked. It is more in a soft form because the water in the diet is best for the dog. You can check them out on facebook and ask questions. Now that my dogs are eating it, I probably will never be able to go back because they love it so much. It is also great for me with portion control based on the varying needs of my dogs that are different ages and weights. This food is also great for the puppies right now with the amount of water it provides.

1 box at $200 at Mud Bay lasts for 160 days for a 22lb dog ($1.24) per day. A puppy will require a higher percentage based on weight (feeding 3x a day), during the first 5 or 6 months.

Providing supplementary organic raw chicken necks or small raw beef bones from the Mud Bay freezer section (ask a local butcher also) is great for teeth and bones (lots of calcium), 3 to 4 x a week. It is also the safest for chewing because it is soft and not cooked. Supervision is always recommended. Cooked bones of chicken or meat is never safe and can splinter and cause issues.

At 4 weeks, the puppies are not yet ready for chews. A local mud bay store is a great resource for any questions you have, even if you don't buy their food. They provide free samples. They now carry Taste of the Wild (life stages) and Premium Edge for Puppy (exact same ingredients as Chicken Soup for the Soul for Puppy). I have used Premium Edge in the past for the puppies.

Petco is also great because you can return any food that you don't like.

For owners, I will provide 2-3 large zip lock bags full of the dry dog food I was feeding Sandy earlier and that the puppies have tried in softened form. The puppies will be on K9 Natural Lamb the majority of the time and I will provide a sample. However, I will also make sure that the puppies are on dry dog food (Chicken Soup for the Puppy Soul) before pick-up so that there is a smooth transition for them and some flexibility. If you use K9 Natural, you don't need to mix the dry food with their food. If you have a dry dog food, then you will mix the food I provide with the new food for a short while.

Sincerely, Trina

Sunday, January 16, 2011

F1b Miniatures Are 4 weeks Old Today!

We are 4 weeks old today. We have been tasting softened puppy food all week. Sandy still is our main food source. She naturally provides immunity for us. We had our first round of deworming liquid. Our 2nd round will happen at the vet along with our shots.

We were introduced to our new sleeping area on Saturday which we love. We now sleep on our washable bed and then walk outside our sleep area to go potty on the cardboard ramp or on the newspaper below.

We are also starting to explore our play area. We all played for about 10-15 minutes and then most of us were ready to konk out.

We had a two little girls visit us yesterday and they had fun socializing us, especially Evie, who is 4 1/2 years old. She introduced water to some of the pups.

We all drank water today. We loved it, stuck our paws in it and even drank the parts that spilled. The two female pups soaked their faces and paws in a spunky way. Their large cream brother helped lick it off. A week ago, a few puppies found getting soaked with puppy food upsetting when they accidentally got their paws in it. We are maturing and much more curious and fun loving this week.
We are changing by the hour these days. We now rush out at times to greet our human parents when they come into the room.

Apricot Female, Apricot Male, Cream Male, and Cream Female (left to right) are facing the camera. We are all wanting to see if we can climb out and get to Sandy.
Large Cream Male (below). I had my face turned in the upper picture.

Cream and Apricot Male, 3.65 pounds at 4 weeks
Cream Male, 3.1 pounds at 4 weeks
Cream Female and Apricot Female, 2.5 pounds at 4 weeks.
We all eat a lot and our sizes are starting to be apparent.
We all love to cuddle, sleep, eat and play.
See video (in 4 parts) bleow: