Wednesday, December 17, 2014

F1 Medium Labradoodles are Here, 35-45 lbs full grown!

Love is in the Air! These puppies would make a great  Valentine's Day gift. They will be ready for their homes by Valentine's Day weekend. 

Since these puppies are first generation, some will have wavy coats and some will look more like labradors, a great size! Many doodles that are 50% lab and 50% poodle will shed some.  

We are now accepting $300 deposits for puppies based on first come, first serve by paypal ( or by mail to our home address. Your deposit is fully refundable until you choose your puppy at approximately five weeks. 50% is due, once you pick your puppy and finalize your decision. The other 50% is due at pick-up.

The puppies are $1200.  Your puppy comes with a 2 year genetic guarantee, deworming, initial shots and potty training, vet check, excellent socialization. All our puppies are friendly and playful. 
We raise one litter at a time.

Please contact Trina for more details at or text/call: 206-890-9458.

Puppy Pick Visits are the weekend of January 24th and 25th. 
Puppy Pick-Ups are the weekend of Valentine's Day, February 14th and following!

We raise the puppies in our home and potty train them up to 8/9 weeks. Our three year old handles them frequently and we provide excellent socialization from lots of noise, to car rides, to interacting with Special Education students. We provide weekly photos and videos, as your puppy grows.

Please see notes below and a blog post from the mom, Bella! 

Apricot Males on each side and a Black Female with white patch on her chest in the middle

Greetings from Bella, mom to 10 labradooodles! I am very calm when giving birth and make the birthing process seem quite easy. Trina provides a cozy whelping box with a sheet on top so that I have feel comfortable and secure in a very special den. I even eat and drink water in the process which keeps my energy up. I snacked on ham, roast and sweet potatoes during my eight hour marathon. I did a beautiful job delivering ten puppies, all healthy and strong. 

This is the order of how my gorgeous babies came into the world on Wednesday:
4:25 pm: Apricot Girl
5:06 pm: Chocolate Male
5:27 pm: Dark Apricot Male
5:50 pm: Black Female
6:40 pm: Black Female with White on her Chest
7:55 pm: Black Male
9:03 Black Male
10:00 pm Apricot Male
11:00 pm: Black Girl
11:55 pm: Dark Apricot Boy with White on his Head

This picture is a little fuzzy because it was taken over the side of the whelping box. 

Now that the puppies are born and the weather is drizzly, there is a blanket over the whelping box
to keep the temperature at 80 degrees or higher and layers of fleece blankets and pads on the bottom, secured by the box. Safety rails are also around the sides of the box to prevent smothering. Finally, a heating pad is in one corner as needed by the puppies. I am very diligent and sweet in caring for my brood. 

Doodles are the best. Have a great weekend!
Love, Bella and the ten puppies

Bella, 55 lb Lab Mom
Reggie, 30 lb Moyen Poodle Dad

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Miniature Golden Doodles, 15-20 lbs, Available in January!

Mini Golden  Doodles Available in January, 2015, after the holidays!
 Located in South Seattle
Call or text my friend Lois at 425-321-4777 
See Photos Below

Daisey's Doodles has a Medium F1 Labradoodle Litter Coming 30-45 lb range
that will be born by December 21, 2014 and available in February 2015. Parents are Bella, an AKC black lab and Reggie, an AKC red poodle. $1400.  We will be accepting $300 deposits, once the puppies are born. Contact Trina:
call or text: 206-890-9458

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Miniature Multi-Generational Doodles, 15-20 lbs Available Soon!

Female Miniature Doodle Available in January with a Breeder Friend
15-20 lbs

Contact Lois by Text or Phone: 425-321-4777

Daisey's Doodles

Our upcoming litters are F1 medium labradoodles with Bella, in the 35 to 50 lb range, available by February, 2015.

Our next F1 medium goldendoodle litter with Lucy, in the 35 to 50 lb range, will be available by April, 2015.

Please contact to be on our list and for application questions.

We are rebuilding as far as minis and will have miniature doodles available by 2016 with a new doodle named Joy. Our doodle Sandy is officially retired. 
 Joy at 6 months

Joy as a puppy.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Labor Day Weekend from F1b Miniature Goldendoodles

Greetings from the Puppies!
We are doing wonderful with potty training and puppy play times, inside and out. Sandy was ready to wean us at six weeks and we had already been eating dry puppy food and drinking plenty of water, so we adjusted quickly.
Our new summer schedule as of six weeks, has looked something like this: 
9 or 10 pm-bedtime; 4 am-potty break; 7 am-outside for potty and poop, eating time and then playtime;
8 or 8:30 am, nap time; 11:00 am- potty, eating and playtime; 11:30 or 12-nap time; 3 or 4 pm-potty and playtime; 5 pm-nap time; 7 or 7:30 pm-potty, eating and playtime and the schedule repeats. 

Ce Ce



Idly and Grace


Ce Ce

Grace and Louie

Ce Ce

Momma Doodle Sandy and  her  pups

Idly and Grace

Idly, Ce Ce, Grace and Louie from Left to Right (Photo Above and Below)

All Four Pups and Mirabella

Mirabella and Ce Ce


Idly and Grace

Grace and Ce Ce (I need to trim Ce Ce's wispy hairs. :))

Adios from Idly, Ce Ce, Grace and Louie!
Love, the puppies!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

F1b Miniature Goldendoodles will be 6 weeks old on Thursday, August 28, 2014

Greetings from the puppies!

Ce Ce



We have made so much progress this week. We started getting ready for potty trips outside last Tuesday. Initially, we only felt comfortable being outside the whelping box for five to ten minutes. By Thursday, we were going outside to go potty, poop and to play. Early on, playtime would only last five minutes and then we were worn out.  Acclimation to being outside and potty training happens quickly especially where our room is located in the house. Since we were born, we have seen and heard the big dogs go outside the door to go potty. So as soon as we see Trina and hear the door, we want to go outside and join them. By today, we were wanting to play outside for a half hour, sleep in our whelping box for a few hours, then outside again for potty. At 8 weeks, our active times will last about 45 minutes to an hour, especially in the morning and sometimes at night, if the family has been gone for a while.

For indoor socialization, Mirabella brings us out to the couch to watch TV with her. Mom leaves the door open to the living room, when we are playing in the dog room, yet we don't venture by ourselves into the living room yet. We will gain confidence in that area within the next week or so.
We are all very friendly, playful and sweet. Love, the puppies.

Idly (above and below)

Ce Ce and Idly

Idly and Louie

Grace, trying to climb the steps. Can't quite do it yet, and she will be a pro by the time she leaves.

Frankie, Idly, Louie behind Momma Sandy and Lucy


Louie and Idly

Louie, chasing Momma Sandy



Louie, Sandy and Frankie

Ce Ce and Louie

Ce Ce

We look forward to doggie cuddles, in a few weeks!

Love, the puppies.