Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter from F1 Medium Goldendoodles, 6 weeks old Tomorrow!

Happy Easter from the puppies! We were happy the sun came out today for playtime and fun! We're growing like crazy and looking forward to our future homes with our owners.

Enjoy our smilebox below of 6 week old F1 medium goldendoodles:

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

F1 Medium Goldendoodles are 4 weeks old, Tomorrow!

Hello from the puppies!  We'll be four weeks old, tomorrow. Momma Trina introduced us to wet food mixed with goat's milk as supplementary food this week. We made a huge mess in eating it, especially the first few times as we put our paws in the food, and got it all over our faces and each other. (See photo below).  By the 3rd feeding, we started to get more of the hang of it and it was delicious!  We are active and romping with each other and perk up when people or other dogs are around. We're looking forward to our puppy "choose" visits. Please bring an item of clothing or something soft with the scent of you and others in your family to the puppy visit. You're also welcome to rename each of us, once you know which one of us is yours.   We're growing like crazy!


Hello from Princess! I will be in the next three photos also.


 Hello from Spirit! 2nd girl of the litter. :)


Hello from Russell, We were all sleepy for our photos, especially me! 

Hello from Sammy!


Hello from Kai, I was also very sleepy for these photos. And I also had to have a quick bath after getting one of my sibling's poop on me.  When I'm awake, I like to play with my paw. I watched TV for the first time, for a few seconds, when we're in the living room in a play pen.


Hello from Emmett! I have started to explore my world, along with the other puppies in my litter.


Hello from Prince! I am available for reservation. 
Yum, something tastes good. 

Hello from Marco! Oh cool! I found something to chew on. 

 That's all folks. Have a great week! 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

F1 Medium Goldendoodles are 3 weeks old on Monday!

Enjoy this week's smilebox of the puppies' open eyes. Happy Doodling! 

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lucy's F1 Medium Goldendoodles are 1 week old, Tomorrow!

We're so pleased that Lucy's F1 Medium Goldendoodle litter is here, with 8 beautiful puppies! Please enjoy our smilebox below. Enjoy!

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Prior Photos of F1 Medium Goldendoodles with Lucy and Reggie

Lucy, AKC Retriever Dam for F1 medium goldendoodles
Reggie, AKC Poodle Sire

Prior Puppies for Lucy and Reggie at 2-3 years old

Prior Lucy and Reggie puppies at 1 year old

Prior Lucy and Reggie Puppies at 6 months or younger

(sisters on a playdate) 

Happy Doodling!