Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Wonderful Doodles available with breeder buddies! F1b miniature doodles, F1 mini and medium doodles with blocky heads !

Happy Fall! This post features amazing colors of red and apricot doodles, in a variety of sizes, with our Breeder Buddies! 
 Available November 2022: 

Amazing Anna (Text 253-289-2903) has mini goldendoodles that will be 25 to 30 lbs, full grown, with our amazing sire, Finn.  Pups are here and are dark red with blocky heads and available by mid November, 2022. Pups will have curly coats and the percentage of F1b mini goldendoodles. Accepting deposits for the litter at 253-289-2903. $3200 total cost. 

Terrific Tyler in Maple Valley, WA (817-437-6639) has a rare and very-high quality litter of red F1 medium Labradoodles arrived this week and will be ready to take home the week of November 21st.  This litter of 9 red pups (boys and girls) has champion bloodlines and is clear of genetic disease through their parents bloodlines! Mae is an AKC registered Grand Champion bred yellow Labrador (75 lbs) and Finn is an AKC registered red mini poodle (23 lbs).  These puppies will have a great look with a red curly coat, block head, and stout build; we also expect a weight range of 30 to 50 lbs full grown as adults. Mae is a an amazing family dog; she has a wonderful personality as she is sweet, smart, playful, and loves all people and dogs. She is double recessive cleared of PRA, EIC, PKD, CNM, and DM genes through breeding and both her parents have hips and elbow certificates of normal or good. Finn has his heart, hips, patella, and elbows certified for breeding and is double recessive cleared of genetic diseases as well.  It is extremely rare to find a breeding of this caliber. 
$3500 is the total cost. 

Daisey's Doodle's AMAZING AKC 23 lb poodle sire Finn with excellent DNA for breeding, along with clear heart, and hips, elbows, and patella certified for breeding. 

Friday, September 30, 2022

Our Doodle Story with F1b miniatures and doodling around!

 Hello from Trina, Daisey's Doodles! 

Our F1 mini/mediums originate from an AKC retriever bred with an AKC poodle and are mostly low shed and between 30-50 lbs. Our F1b miniature/medium doodles are from a doodle dam, bred with an AKC poodle sire and range from 25-40 lbs. F1bs and multi-gens are best for mild allergy concerns. 
These are the colors we are working on producing along with our goldens, apricots and reds. 

We are located in Auburn, WA. Our price is $3200-3800 for goldendoodles, based on size and color
**Clients on our list prior, get the original price quoted
Text: 425-835-3184 or email: daiseysdoodles@gmail.com

-We have  two spots for November 2022 take home with Kira, for multi-gen apricot, red, chocolate and black parti & tuxedo goldendoodles, 35 lb average. Willow had two F1b mini goldendoodles, one red, one cream/apricot and her pups are reserved. 

-Maya is pregnant and expecting puppies to take home by Christmas or week after, with red & golden mini multi-gen goldendoodles. Her pups will range from 20-25 lbs. All spots are reserved at this time. 

-Our F1b red miniatures for Nakia has a few spots available for January 2023 take home . See our girls on the right panel of our blog. 

We have Spring 2023 spots available for mini goldendoodles and mini golden mountain doodles.

Our golden mountain doodles will be $3500-5000, based on size and color. 
Benji (above) is our upcoming mini bernedoodle stud, 25 lbs, for mini Golden Mountain Doodles. 
Example potential photos of mini Golden Mountain Doodle. 

 September and November 2022 pups are available with breeder buddies. See post above. 

 We have been raising doodles in the Seattle area since 2006 (16 years ago) when most people didn't even know what goldendoodles were. We fell head over heals in love with this breed with their intelligence, friendliness, warm, gentle and loving hearts!  We have so much fun with breeding healthy and happy pups with children, as a family. As we expand, we have a team approach so that all puppies are raised in an individualized setting with amazing care and socialization based on my close relationship with trainer, Tammy Lewis, connected to The Dog Listener. 

We also believe in forever guardian homes so that our breeding dogs stay with us for life and so that our guardian males and females are living their best lives, forever in guardian homes. Some of our guardianships are traditional (we raise the pups in our home) and some are where the female stays in her guardian home and we whelp the puppies there for amazing individualized care and socialization, splitting the profit with my guardian families. We have been nurturing and supporting local breeders for 8 years so this fits with my personality style and team approach perfectly. 

We care about the health of all puppies so we carefully choose our lines with DNA testing, and hips, elbow, patella, heart and eye testing. When the proof is in the pudding, then we continue those lines because we know what we are getting, health and temperament wise. We also want to make sure that your puppy experience is a success so we provide a thorough puppy health check along with vaccinations, a microchip and bringing home your puppy information, along with our 2 year genetic and congenital guarantee. We set up private facebook groups for each litter so you can update and chat with each other.  We look forward to working with you, if we're the right fit for you! Happy doodling!

A whelping "den" is a safe, cozy place for a mama dog to give birth to her puppies and ensures a high success rate of puppy viability. 
Safety rails in the whelping box when the puppies are small is another tool for puppy longevity. 
Puppies receive early socialization and stimulation as a litter and with regular interaction with children and adults. 

We also have "puppy camp" when the pups are six weeks and older with regular playtimes outside in a fully fenced area and then back to their playpen, in our living room for naps and nighttime. 

Wonderful Doodles available with breeder buddies! F1b miniature doodles, F1 mini and medium doodles with blocky heads !

Happy Fall! This post features amazing colors of red and apricot doodles, in a variety of sizes, with our Breeder Buddies!    Available Nov...