Monday, May 27, 2013

I opened my eyes today!

Greetings from Clark, the F1 miniature goldendoodle! I opened my eyes today and looked around at the world! Bella, my toddler friend was excited about this occurance. Her favorite thing to do now is to go home and see me, the puppy. Tomorrow, the three golden retriever puppies are arriving, the ones that Trina is fostering so I can have litter mates. I am excited to sleep in a puppy pile! Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Clark is 2 weeks old, tomorrow!

 Greetings from Clark! My eyes will be opening soon, in time to see my new littermates, some golden retrievers that Trina is fostering since their momma had 11 puppies! This is so I can have puppies to play with when I'm older for excellent socialization. In the meantime, Trina's daughter, Bella loves to come home just to hold me. She tells everyone that she has a puppy at her house.

My momma Lucy keeps a protective eye on me while I sleep in Bella's lap.
I have a nice fat belly from not having to compete for food. That will all change soon, yet I will still get plenty!
Love and Puppy Kisses,

Sunday, May 19, 2013

F1 Miniature Puppy is 1 week old, tomorrow!

Greetings from the puppy!
I am looking forward to when Mom will bring home new littermates. In the meantime,
I am enjoying hanging out with Lucy, sleeping and eating a lot!
I had my dew claws removed on Saturday and didn't seem phased by it at all.
I am successfully navigating my new world.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Singleton Male Puppy, F1 Miniature is 4 days Old!

Greetings from Lucy and the puppy!
My little guy was born one day after Mother's Day. Labor was very quick with minimal prelabor and he came at 9:15 pm at night. Mom and Dad were very surprised by the single puppy (there were no puppy fatalities). This can happen with artificial insemenation even though it was performed by an experienced vet. They are confident I will have more puppies next time.
Important aspects for my puppy's development, since he is a singleton, is that he is touched frequently by humans. Having the puppy crawl over  and under stuffed animals daily is also essential.
The  two year old in this household is excellent for socializing the pup. She is giving him safe touches, pokes and kisses. The other dogs are also helping because they distract me sometimes when I'm feeding him and he gets disrupted from eating which is  important because that's what happens in a litter.

The good news is that I will be fostering some golden retriever puppies from a large litter from Mt. Si Goldens in a few days, as long as the pups transition well. Then my pup will no longer be a singleton and his litter socialization will happen naturally.
The pup's current favorite spots are under my chin or on top of my tail.
We're so happy together!
Love, Lucy