Wednesday, September 28, 2016

We are expecting F1 medium goldendoodles!

The Palosaari household is very excited about our upcoming litter that is due this weekend.  

I've attached photos of Lucy, our AKC mom for F1 medium doodles (37-57 lbs), and her prior puppies.

We will be posting puppy photos and emailing within a few days of the puppies being born.  The list for this litter is full at this time. This may change, based on the size of the litter, and how many spots become confirmed with deposits.

Photos of our parents and prior puppies of Lucy's are on our Facebook page:
The cover of our facebook page is Lucy's son, Artie.

Lucy is sweet, friendly, playful, confident and calm.

Reggie, the 30 lb AKC poodle sire, is sweet, quiet, loving and playful.


Note from the "D" family regarding Ranger, prior puppy of Lucy's.
"Hi Trina,
Since the puppies' birthday was last week, we thought we'd share some pictures of Ranger full-grown! He's about 45 pounds now, and so great with our foster son and all the other kids he gets to meet. It was so great that you began potty training them at such a young age, because Ranger was accident free at around 5 1/2- 6 months! He's a really easygoing guy and LOVES playing with other dogs. He's a very smart little boy. We're so happy with our puppy!


 Reggie and Lucy F1 Medium Puppies