Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Easter! Our Best Photos as F1 Medium Goldendoodles!

Lucy, momma to F1 goldendoodles, the golden, and our doodle Joy, watch out the window for our daughter's Easter egg hunt.
As an Easter gift, we are showcasing your puppy's best photos from a young puppy to the present. It is a little lengthy, yet enjoy. The daughter of the house also helped with holding the puppies for new photos!
LOLA, reserved for Ryann and family, next 15 photos


MAXIMUS, reserved for Craig 

 Female with pink yarn, reserved for Tamara and family
DOOD, reserved for Kent and family 

dark puppy, reserved for Rob and family 


KLONDIKE, reserved for Ron and Maria 

Ranger, reserved for Julie and family

FRANKLIN, reserved for Mariah



When we were all 5 weeks old!
Maximus, Lola in the background and Dood
Franklin, Maximus and Lola
Dark puppy on the edge, Lola and Dood
Franklin and other pups
Male with large white patch and Female with pink yarn
When we were all 3 weeks old! 

When we were 2 weeks old!


When we were born!
Happy Spring! Have a wonderful week!