Saturday, February 28, 2015

F1 Medium Goldendoodles, 40-50 lbs full grown, are 1 week old, today!

Greetings from 8 puppies, five males and three females! We will be available to go home between April 11-April 25th. 
All puppies are currently reserved.  
 Except for when we had our dew claws removed, our lives have been pretty sweet with lots of sleeping, eating and peeing/pooing with Momma Lucy's help.  

Sleeping, eating, and scooting is all we do during the first week or two of our lives until our eyes open. Being a part of a litter is very important for our development. Crawling over each other and vying for the best nursing spot helps us to be friendly and non-aggressive as adults. It builds tolerance and delays gratification at times.

All of us are very healthy and plump.  There hasn't been a "runt" of the litter that has come forth, although some of us will be larger than others which will become more apparent as we grow older. The photo above was taken in the sunlight. Four photos below were taken with a  flash. Our coat colors will be dark golden, apricot and dark apricot.  

Photos of both parents and prior pups of Lucy's are listed in this link:

Two of us brothers have small white patches on our heads. One of us has white socks on our front paws.


 That's all folks! Have a great weekend in the sunshine!
Love, the puppies

Saturday, February 21, 2015

8 Medium Goldendoodle Puppies are Here, 40-50 lbs, $1500, Available in April

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of 8 puppies, in the middle of the night on Saturday, with the first puppy arriving at 3 am and the last one by 7 am. There are five boys and three girls. Their coat colors are dark apricot/apricot and dark golden. It was very obvious when the puppies were going to arrive because Lucy needed to go potty every 30 minutes, then every five, and then every one minute. In fact, the first puppy, a dark apricot male, arrived outside during a potty break. Trina watches very diligently, along with Lucy wanting to bring him in with her mouth. So we quickly brought him indoors to the whelping box, cleaned him up, and all was well. Two female puppies came next, then a male, then another female, then more males.

Lucy and one of the puppies are still a little damp, after the long birthing process.


Lucy's stomach was very sensitive during the last few weeks of pregnancy, prior to the puppies arriving, and she had to eat and drink in small amounts. She also couldn't eat very much during whelping, until after six puppies had been delivered. Then, she had a large snack and lots of water before delivering the last two pups. All eight puppies are healthy, nursing well, and will have their dew claws removed this week. Lucy is thrilled to have regained her appetite and in abundance as she diligently and carefully cares for her new pups. She is a such a great mom!

These puppies will be ready for their homes between April 11th-25th, 2015. We are now accepting $300 deposits to reserve a spot by paypal or check. We live in SeaTac, WA, 98188. Your deposit is fully refundable until you choose a puppy at six weeks. We have males and females available. Your puppy comes with "Bring Your Puppy Home" info, a care package, initial shots and vet check, a guarantee, deworming, excellent socialization, initial potty training and some crate training. Contact or text/call 206-890-9458. Pictures of the parents and previous puppies are in my previous post:

Now enjoy photos of the newborn pups, Lucy and our daughter, below:


Thursday, February 19, 2015

We are expecting 7 F1 Medium Goldendoodles, 40-50 lbs, $1500

Greetings from Lucy!
After x-rays today, I'm expecting approximately seven puppies, projected to arrive sometime over the weekend on February 20th or 21st. Photos of two of my previous puppies are below. Via artificial insemination, in an attempt for miniatures, I had only been throwing singletons in two prior litters. However, with a natural breeding with an AKC 30 lb moyen poodle, I am now expecting a normal litter which is exciting to our entire household!
I am an AKC golden retriever and I have my hips, hearts, eyes and elbows certified with OFA. I have had additional health tests since we were initially unsure of my fertility and I passed all with flying colors.
 A $300 deposit reserves a puppy, once they are born. Puppy pick visits are around 6 weeks of age.
Please contact 206-890-9458 by phone or text or for more info.
Another picture of Lucy
Reggie, the AKC moyen poodle dad
The puppies are going to gorgeous!
The previous dad was a cream poodle, 15 lbs. Same dad for both doodles below.
Clark, 1st litter.
Clark is 1.5 years old, 35 lbs.
Artie, 2nd litter. The photo above was taken when he was 9 months old..
Artie at 1 year is 30 lbs.