Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Miniature Labradoodle Puppies will be 1 week old on Thursday!

Greetings from beautiful Bella,

The puppies are growing like crazy and I'm eating 3 times the normal amount of food. The first week of motherhood, I keep a very watchful eye, day and night. Today, I was starting to relax more, act like my normal self and ask for a walk. This is just a quick picture update of my doodle puppies. I'll write more later. Enjoy!

The flash of the camera gives my brown eyes a "blue" tint. 
You can also see the "safety rails" on the sides of the large whelping box, which protect the puppies.

 The camera does not do justice for how beautiful the black doodles are!


 Our 3 year old already loves to sit in with the puppies and bend down close to them. 

We are still accepting a few more reservations for puppies! Please contact us at trinapalosaari@gmail.com or 206-890-9458. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Miniature Labradoodles, 25 to 40 lbs full grown, are 1 day old, today!

Greetings from Bella, the Labrador mom!

Labradoodles are in the house, so that Daisey's Goldendoodles can eventually have double doodles, miniature goldendoodle bred to miniature labradoodle. The coats of double doodles are great quality and the blend has wonderful temperaments.

I started the labor process on May 21st, around 11 pm and went through the night until 6 am this morning.  At 6:25 am, the curly apricot female was the first born in the three hour process of whelping. After that, her brother, the only black doodle puppy with a white "diamond" patch on his chest came second.  Two black wavy female puppies came next, then one curly cream female and one apricot male and finally, the last puppy was a small curly black female doodle! 5 females and 2 males.  The females are cream, apricot and black. One of the males is black and one is cream/apricot. All the puppies are fat and healthy and nursing well. They love to huddle all together by my tummy, under my neck or by my bottom, underneath my tail.

I enjoyed eating oatmeal and wet duck in  the birthing process along with drinking lots of water.  I am  an excellent Mom and very protective with my newborn pups.  It may take some coaxing from Trina to get me to take a break and go potty, especially the first few days.

My pups will be available for their homes on July 10th or 11th. Seven weeks or Nine weeks is developmentally the best time for a puppy to transition to their home.

Puppy picks will occur the week of June 22nd to June 29th and following, based on order of pick. Please have a crate ready at that time, if you are crate training and would like your puppy to acclimate to his crate at six weeks, before transitioning to his new home.

There are two spots available for this litter.

Please contact us at trinapalosaari@gmail.com or 206-890-9458 to apply and reserve a spot. A refundable $300 deposit reserves your spot until you choose your puppy or not. The full cost of your doodle is $1400, to be received by six weeks.  We provide "Bringing Home Your Puppy" information, a care package, a 2 year genetic guarantee, first set of shots, deworming, dew claws, potty and crate training, and lots of love, care and socialization. The puppies are raised in our home. They are currently in a whelping  box with a sheet on top because it is warmer outside. The puppies need to be at 80 to 90 degrees for the first few weeks.  We start having the puppies explore our huge backyard, around four to five weeks, and potty train with frequent trips outside.

We accept paypal: trinapalosaari@gmail.com or a check by mail for deposits. Please email/call me for my mailing address.

On a side note, these puppies are great family dogs, will have a great temperament,  be friendly and easy to train.
They curly coat will be low shed. The wavy coat may shed more.

The pictures below are at 2 days old:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Miniature Labradoodles, 25 to 40 lbs will be born next week!

We are expecting a miniature Labradoodle litter, 25 to 40 lb range, that will be born next week and available by July 10th. The mom is a super sweet and friendly, purebred, black Labrador at 55 pounds.The dad is our 15 pound, AKC poodle, who is friendly and intelligent. The coat colors will probably be black, and apricot/cream. Please contact me if you would like to be on the list for this litter: trinapalosaari@gmail.com or 206-890-9458.
The price is $1400. We will accept a $300 deposit,once the puppies are born. We had X-rays so we are expecting approximately 6 puppies.  We raise the puppies in our home with excellent socialization. We provide a 2 year genetic guarantee and the first set of shots, along with deworming. We start the potty training and crate training process. We send updates every week so you can see how your puppy grows on this blog.  You can see other doodle puppies and how we have raised them from previous posts on our blog.

We live in Seatac and will accept puppy visits at five weeks!
Trina & Kent Palosaari