Saturday, September 28, 2013

F1b Miniature Goldendoodles turned 2 weeks old on Wednesday!

Greetings from the puppies! We will be between 15-25 pounds when we are adults.
We sister pups had our eyes open by Wednesday. Our brother took a little more time to open his eyes which is normal. We all love having our eyes open because we can find our momma much faster when we are hungry. We are scooting around more these days and we are starting the early stages of play. Crawling over each other and nipping each other is what helps us socialize properly, teaches us to tolerate frustration and prevents aggression when we are older! Since there is only three of us, we all have plenty to eat. However, since we are golden doodles from a 30 lb mom and 15 lb dad, our sizes will range from small to large in the litter. For the girls, one of us is the smallest of the litter and the other is the largest. Our brother is medium size and in the middle.
Momma Sandy and the three pups
Large Curly Female
Wavy Male
Large female, Small Female, Medium Male (from Left to Right)

Smallest Female

Largest Female

Large Female, Male in the Middle, Smallest Female

Playful pups
Small Female (in the middle) playing with her brother

Smallest Female, looking at the camera, Male on the side

Big sister on the left is licking little sister on the right
Big Sister and Little Sister
Male pups is looking towards the camera

Thursday, September 19, 2013

F1b Miniature Goldendoodle Puppies were 1 week old, yesterday!

Greetings from the three puppies! We will be approximately 18-25 lbs when we are full grown! We spend the majority of our time right now, sleeping and eating. We scoot around sniffing to find Sandy, when we are hungry and then we konk out again! We had our dew claws removed when we were 5 days old. Trina's daughter sat in the whelping box today for about 10 minutes and held us in her lap or gave us gentle touches. She has been telling everyone in our house that they are to "watch"the puppies, not touch them!

Mira is so excited to see the puppies!
She is carefully touching a puppy, next to the safety rails. They are in the whelping box for the first few weeks, to prevent smothering.
We puppies take off tiny tuffs of Sandy's hair when we are snuggling or feeding!

Sandy licks us to help stimulate us so we can go potty and poo
which is the way we all stay so healthy!

Sandy sometimes feeds us, sitting up!

Flop! Sometimes when Sandy is cleaning us, we roll over!

Our eyes will open by 2 weeks old!
We're all so happy together!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

F1b Miniature Goldendoodles are 2 days old today!

Greetings from Sandy,
I gave birth to my puppies in the middle of the night on 9/11/2013. They are beautiful and healthy with two curly girls and one wavy boy. Intense labor was relatively short and I drank frequent water and ate boiled eggs as a snack for energy during the process. I also had some cottage cheese and lots of raw turky stew from Burien Pet Pantry after the birthing process. The puppies came during a great week where it is hotter than normal in Seattle so the temperature is perfect for their first few weeks. I am very protective of my brood and taking great care of them as they sleep and eat "nummy"in the covered whelping box.

We hope you sleep as peacefully as us! We'll be blogging again, next weekend!
Lots of love, Sandy and the puppies