Monday, October 1, 2012

Flb Miniature Goldendoodles at 8 Weeks Old!

Greetings from the puppies! We are all excited about our new homes that we are obtaining in the next two weeks! Mom and Dad would love to see pictures of us in our new homes!

Goldie and Finn


Maggie (above and below)


Goldie and our daughter

Puppies in a basket, on the way to the vet for their initial shots!
Our daughter loves to push them around, hug and kiss them!


Maggie, playing with Lucy
"Goldie", available, playing with Finn, reserved. 
Frosty  (above and below)


Finn and Dean playing
Maggie (above and below)
She LOVES to have her tummy rubbed and to cuddle.

That's all Folks from Finn and "Goldie", and the pups!