Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Keeping the Dogs Happy

Lucy, golden retreiver at the top; Sandy, miniature goldendoodle, middle; Grandma Daisey, right side and miniature poddle Frankie,  front left.

Since we have a multiple dog household, I have learned some tricks to keep everybody happy. When I first get home, I provide treats for all the dogs as they all sit. Sandy, Daisey and Lucy all perform long sit/stays for treats while I leave the room and then come back. Frankie twirls as Mira, our daughter giggles. Sandy, our doodle knows the most tricks such as drop, round, under, down, and agility moves.  When Kent gets home, he wrestles with all the dogs and gives them lots of rubs!

One of our favorite places to go to is a fenced field of an elementary school so we can let all four dogs run, sniff and play.We also use peanut butter in four kongs and each dog gets their own.  I even coat bones with peanut butter which works great too! Raw chicken necks are the BEST which are cheap at Safeway. Raw bones are soft and similar to the wild, but cooked bones are dangerous for chewing. Finally, for individual attention, we rotate trips to the store and to Seahurst Park. Oh and Sandy loves to swim after the ducks at Green Lake, even though she never retrieves them!

 (Grandma Daisey, above)

 Frankie, Lucy, Sandy and Daisey

 Sandy (30 lbs)


 (Sandy and Frankie)

(Frankie, 14 lbs, a miniature stud poodle with toy parents)

 (Lucy, 60 lbs)
 She comes with me, weekly, to the alternative highschool that I teach.