Saturday, October 15, 2016

Happy Saturday! Go Hawks on Sunday! F1 medium goldendoodles, 37-57 lbs at 2 weeks old!

Greetings from the puppies!  We will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! Our eyes are starting to open slowly. It is a gradual process, so some us open our eyes before others, in the litter. Our eyes also take a while to gain full sight, so while we can start to see our mom for feeding, our nose still is our best asset at this age. We still love to sleep and eat and then sleep some more.

Overall, we are a quiet bunch, although an occasional disturbance from Trina & Mira are great for our social development and helps us build resilience. We do chortle and make noises when we know our mom is near (video coming soon) and there is the normal scramble for food, whenever our caregiver steps into the whelping box.  There seem to be a few mildly expressive puppies of the litter, and the majority of us seem very mellow already. The passing of a few more weeks, will show more clearly, what our temperaments are.

When Trina first tried to get momma Lucy pregnant, she used Artificial Insemination (AI), which only produced a singleton puppy.  So she fostered some golden retrievers for the puppy's socialization. This current litter, as far as their temperament, remind our human mom of Lucy's first litter with the goldens and a singleton goldendoodle. Once Lucy was bred naturally with Reggie, a 30 lb poodle, she produced normal sized litters.

Being a part of a litter is so much fun! The process of crawling over each other, sleeping as a pack and vying for food is key to our development and socialization. We love to cuddle and belong together!

Enjoy the photos below when Mira and Kent were holding us for quick photos, and then back to our warm box. Ladies went first and then the boys! The amount of photos for each puppy is random. Mira has given us temporary names. Each puppy can be renamed by their owner at puppy pick time or when in their new home. :)

Update on October 19, 2016: We've added photos of the puppies with their eyes open! 2.5 week old puppies are on a pink blanket. 

 Girl # 1,below, with a "star" on her forehead, similar in size to some of the large boys of the litter
AKA "Rosetta"


Girl #2,below, middle of the litter
AKA "Chrysanthemum"

In some of the photos, you can already see the wisps, that turn into a wavy coat.

Girl #3, below, small puppy of the litter
AKA "Spirit"

 Boy #1 Below, Dark  Large Male with "Star on his head"
AKA "Russell Wilson"

Two dark large boys called "The Twins," Male #2 and Male #3, below,
AKA "Tom" and "Jerry"

Large Male #4 and Small Male #5, Dark Puppies of the litter

AKA "Micah" as the smaller one and "Miles" as the larger one

Male #6, medium, in the middle of the litter, with a "star on his head" and white on his chest.

AKA "Finn"

And all the puppies:
Girl nicknamed "Spirit"

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

F1 Medium Goldendoodle Puppies are Here!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of nine healthy goldendoodle puppies, six boys and three girls. The girls began arriving around 1:15 pm and the six boys arrived afterwards until approximately 10:15 pm. Lucy was a trooper throughout the labor process and is a lovely mom to her little munchkins. She sticks very close to the puppies especially during the 1st week of their life. After a week, she starts to take little breaks and by week three, she goes for short car rides and walks.

Caring for the mom is our key job early on, along with keeping the puppies warm and secure in their box. There are fleece blankets and then layers of washable puppy pads underneath, secured by the box and changed regularly.  There is a heat pad in one corner of the whelping box where the puppies can go as needed and regulate themselves. There are also blankets on a frame over the box to maintain a summer temperature. Lucy is receiving foods with calcium, her regular dog food, fish oil, some wet food and lots of water as she diligently cares for her brood. 

Mira, our five year old loves to give the puppies temporary names such as Finn, Russell Wilson, Rosetta, Spirit and Chrysanthemum. Initially, the puppies all look about the same. Yet as they grow, they become their own unique beings, worthy of receiving names from the perspective of a little girl, until they are renamed by their owners at puppy pick time or when they go home. It's a delightful process. Before we know it, the puppies' eyes will open to view the world.

This photo displays the safety rails in the whelping box that provides the puppies with breathing space to go behind their mom, during their first two weeks of life.

Four of the puppies have markings on their head similar to this puppy which is typical with puppies from the sire, Reggie. He has party poodle in his lines. This head marking will fade most likely as an adult dog and it is so much fun as a puppy! Five of the puppies also appear to be red/dark apricot and four, a medium apricot, as far as coat color.

In the first set of photos, Lucy is feeding five puppies and cuddling with four puppies underneath her neck. She is incredibly attentive as she rotates the puppies for feeding, along with licking them to stimulate their bodily functions, an essential aspect for this age of life.  

 This photo displays all nine puppies, including the one eating upside down. :)

 This female thought that the coolest and warmest place to be is on top of all the puppies!

Have a good evening from Lucy and the puppies! That's all folks!