Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween from the F1 medium goldendoodles!

Quick note from the puppies: We took some quick photos to celebrate the holiday. Some of us are very sleepy after eating soft puppy food. You can see our "fluff" coming out with the wisps that are by our eyes.  Have a great week!




Russell Wilson






Sunday, October 23, 2016

F1 medium goldendoodle puppies are 3 weeks old!

Greetings from the puppies! Just a quick note on this busy day. We are three weeks old and are starting to play and toddle around. We are very attached to each other and sleep as a puppy pile, the majority of the time. At other times, we sprawl out to have our own space. Some of the photos below are in a big dog bed in the living room for a short while. The other photos and the video links below, are when we are in the puppy box, our safe and cozy home. We are growing like crazy and our fluffy coats are starting to show. Our first dewormer was given to us today. Our nails are starting to grow long and will need to be clipped soon. Teeth are starting to develop in our mouths so we can begin eating softened food by next weekend.  Enjoy the hodge podge of photos and some new video links at the end of this post! 
 Finn and Rosetta

 Miles and Russell

"Micah", little boy, above

Chrystanthemum, above
 Mira adores us and we love her already.


Spirit, Small Female, above

Micah, male, smallest puppy, above

Miles, male, above

Russell Wilson, male, large puppy

Finn, male,  below

 Tom, male, large puppy, below

 Jerry, male, middle of litter

 Rosetta, female, below

Spirit, small female

Chystanthemum, below

Russell Wilson

All nine puppies,below




The videos below are the best part, we think! Mira is so great with us and we are at a wonderful age! (Sometimes Lucy cleans and leaves, in between feedings. In this case, Lucy wants to come and join the fun/see what's happening with her little ones, hence, she is barking in the background. :))