Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Photos at 5 weeks of Miniature Labradoodles, 25 to 40 lbs full grown

Greetings from the puppies! We are on a wonderful adventure of playing inside and out, eating, sleeping and learning to go potty outside!
Male with Blue Diamond Collar, Above and Below-Available
Male with Black Collar-Available

Female with Red Collar-Available

 Lucy, Female with Red Collar with White Paw Prints

Female with Blue Collar, Above and Below

LUNA-Female with Black Collar with Paw Prints

Lu Lu, Female with Pink Collar

Mirabella was being silly and wanted to show you "poo" on a stick which 
is what comes with the wonderful adventure of a puppy!

 Male with Black Collar and Female with Black Collar with Paw Prints


Female with Red Collar, stealing a snack from Momma Bella

Bella says, "Have a Great Day!"

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Miniature Labradoodles are 5 weeks old on Thursday!

Greetings from the puppies!
We love people and we love to explore our world. We are so enjoying "puppy camp". We have started to go potty and poo outside, mostly on the porch that is low to the ground, built for puppies. Trina takes us out as soon as we wake up from a nap or whenever she lets the big dogs out. We have started venturing into the grass of the backyard, more and more, each day. We love toys and chewing on sticks.

We are in transition until we are able to be separated from having full access to our mom at six weeks and start the crate training process. We have outgrown our whelping box (we know how to climb out) so we sleeping under a "shelf" in the dog room for the den feel or by a towel/dog bed. We also like to sleep in groups of two's or three's in the currently open crate that will be for "Lu Lu" the first pick of the litter.

We nurse standing up now. Sometimes, Bella lightly growls at us, as a part of the weening process, 
when it is not the right time.

We also drink water and eat small amounts of softened puppy food, four  times a day. Trina's parents are visiting from Minnesota so Grandma helped in taking our head shots. We will be posting more pictures and sharing videos, once Grandpa and Grandma are on the plane back home.

Cream Male, Projected to be 35 to 40 lbs full grown, AVAILABLE, most likely. Six out of Seven Spots for the litter of doodles, are Reserved. Your puppy comes with a  puppy care package, vet check, initial shots, deworming, dew claws removed, 2 year genetic guarantee, individual love and care from family members and a three year old girl, along with lots of socialization and a jump start on potty training.

Curly Male, Projected to be 35 to 40 lbs full grown

I came over to lick a hand.

Female with Red Collar, Projected to be 25 to 30 lbs full grown.

Cream Female with Apricot Tipping, with black and white paw print collar, projected to be 25 to 30 lbs full grown.

I love a tummy rub!

Female with Red Collar with pawprints, projected to be 25 lbs full grown.

Female with Blue Collar, 25 to 30 lbs full grown.

 Lu Lu, Apricot Female with Pink Collar