Saturday, July 6, 2013

Clark the miniature doodle is 8 weeks old on Monday and the Goldens are 6 weeks and counting!

Greetings from the puppies! We are all growing fast.
 It  is hard to believe we will be in our homes soon.
We are enjoying puppy play times and being outdoors. We are going potty and poop, mostly outside which helps with puppy messes and smells! :)
We are loving to eat, sleep and drink lots of water.
We are almost completely weened as of yesterday. Enjoy the photos!
Clark the doodle
Clark, Red and Lucy playing with a toy

Nikko, our foster golden retriever

Clark with his owner

Clark and Red

Louie Bloo, another foster golden
Red, another golden
Louie Blooe (and Clark)

Nikko and Clark


Red and Clark
Cooper loves to sleep in the grass and he says, "After puppy playtime, we are completely tuckered out, especially me!"