Sunday, August 28, 2011

We are 7 weeks old, today!

Greetings from the puppies!!

Cute Things We Did This Week:

Chloe (Mary's puppy): I twirled in a circle. I also rolled over and over and over again.

Curly Girl (Kathy & John's puppy): I have this silly photo (above)
Curly Boy (Broady & family's puppy): I found the baby's toy and chewed on it,  just long enough for Mom to take a picture. Then, I had to give it back.

Medium Boy (Alison's puppy): I discovered that the good old shoelace is fun to chew! However, Dad then distracted me by petting my tummy.

Bixby (Amy, Tessa and Katie's puppy): I got lost underneath Mom's long dress.

We are now weaned, since Tuesday.  We still love to sit to be pet and then get our tummies rubbed. We discovered the leaves this week on the right side of the yard and we love to run through them, chasing Frankie!   We just LOVE being puppies.
What a wonderful world!

Curly Boy (above and below)

mirror image featuring Chloe

Medium Boy has a short itch! I already had my Advantage though, last Sunday!

Curly Girl

Medium Boy and Chloe

Curly Girl

Medium Boy

Curly Boy
Curly Boy with the baby

Curly Girl with the baby

We are on a schedule (built for five puppies) where we are go outside every two or three hours and have about 4-5 long playtimes every day with access to plenty of water.  We follow the big dogs inside and outside and rarely have accidents where we sleep. We usually have feeding times in our crate. We go right "in" for feeding and sleeping times when kibble or treats are lined up in the back of the kennel. We go outside for quick potty breaks anytime Mom and Dad are going someplace or before bedtime. We also have quick potty & poop breaks at 2 am and 6 am. Making a schedule for just one of us will be easy in comparison.

P.S. This week we are going to the Vet for our first round of shots, another deworming and health check-up.   Final payments are due by September 1, 2011 by mail or paypal ( Otherwise, you can pay cash at pick-up. Mom is sending a copy of our contract/guarantee by email. We will be available for pick-up by Friday, September 9th or anytime after that (week of September 9-18th.)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Artistic Photo

Sandy and two of her sons, taken earlier this week. We are posting many  new pics tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We are 6 weeks and counting!

Greetings from the puppies!  We started crate training on Sunday so we are let out to go potty and play every 2-3 hours. We also have other potty breaks before going to sleep. We love to play inside and outside, yet mostly outside in this gorgeous weather. We do prefer the shade when it's hot. Whenever Mom greets us, we all sit and then roll on our tummies for attention. We are all friendly and do what mom and dad call the pupparrazzi.  

In the photo above, mom spread out our food on a plate so we could all eat at the same time. We will be weaned entirely by 7 weeks.  We included two blooper photos for fun at the very end of this week's post!  Love, the puppies

Curly Boy  (above and below)

medium male
medium male and curly girl
Frankie's new doo
Sandy and medium male
Daisey and Bixby (above and below)
Curly Girl
Chloe and Daisey (above)

Curly Boy

(Chloe, above)
(the girls, above)

(medium boy)

(curly girl above)

(curly boy, above and below)

Sandy and Bixby (above)

Sandy and Curly Boy (below)

Blooper Pics (below)